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Submit a Letter of Reference

Both training applicants and training applicants' references can use the link below to submit letters of reference. Please ensure letters are saved in PDF, Word, JPEG, or PNG format.

References must be individuals who are familiar with the training applicant's mental health recovery journey and strength in recovery. Letters of reference can be written by an applicant's counselor or mental health service provider, employer, teacher, volunteer supervisor, clergy, or friend/family member who can describe the points listed below.

References must describe the following information in their letter:

  • Their relationship to the training applicant

  • How they have been a part of or witnessed the applicant's mental health recovery journey

  • Factors that show the applicant is strong in their mental health recovery and has the ability to role model strength in recovery to others

  • Why they believe the applicant is qualified to share their lived experience with mental illness and mental health recovery with others on a recovery journey 

References: About
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